COVID Safety


A few things have changed at the The Clock, and we need your help to make sure we keep it a safe and fun place to visit.


To help you plan your visit with us, follow the below to optimise maximum fun!

- Start with booking a table – we can take up to only 10 guests in one booking. Get in early and guarantee your spot.

- Make sure you sign in when you arrive, and respect other guests’ space by socially distancing during your stay.

- Order from the table! Our venue has contactless ordering – simply use your phone to place the order, and we’ll do the rest. 

- Please keep seated when knocking back your tasty beverage; take a load off!

You may notice our staff in masks next time you visit – please know it’s for both you and our staff’s safety. Also, there’ll be someone around dressed differently to the rest of us – they’re only job is to make our place as clean, safe & fun as you expect it to be.

And FYI; we clean and sanitise all our tables and chairs after every use, our regularly used stuff is cleaned & sanitised every two hours, and we love good hand hygiene.

Can’t wait to have you in for the true Clock experience!

We've also put together a video that helps to explain all of the changes, click below to check it out.