Producers Series #3

At The Clock, we have been very fortunate to work with a wide number of excellent Australian food and beverage producers over the years. These guys have been absolutely instrumental in helping us craft and shape our offerings that we bring to you guys on a daily basis.

Whether it's the fresh veg that goes into our salads, the steaks or the patties for our burgers or the delicious beers, wines and cocktails you all love so much, they all come from someone who is as passionate about making them as our guests are about consuming them. As such, we have created an event that showcases and celebrates this link between supplier and consumer. This is our producers series.

Happening on the week of November 2nd, we have teamed up with Philip Shaw Wines to present a unique program of exceptionally creative minimal intervention wines. To compliment these wonderful wines, our Head Chef Luke McEnallay has crafted a superb seafood tasting menu that are just as creative as the wines they are being paired with. 

When you arrive in venue you will have the option of ordering from our regular menu, or our Producers Series menu. When you try it, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

We'll also be hosting an exclusive in venue Philip Shaw Wine tasting on the evening of Thursday, November 5th from 7pm. This is a complimentary event and as such, is free of charge. Spaces are extremely limited, so if you'd like to secure a spot, click the link below now.